Prosper with Humanity

Making a positive impact on your business,
so you can make a positive impact on your clients


Wherever you are, we are with you.
We understand the challenges you’re facing, but we also see the possibilities.
We’ll guide you forward to better ways, so that you are successful, unique and highly regarded.
We will help transform your business, and you will never look back.

We are Positive Practice.

We work with visionary leaders and organisations within the health, community and aged care sectors. We bring knowledge, ideas and innovation to help build great brands without losing sight of the greater purpose.

Together, we prosper with humanity.

Co-founded by Michelle Guerin and Esther Westra in 2010, Positive Practice is a consulting agency, specialising in the health, community and aged care sectors. Our business is about transforming your business; establishing new, innovative solutions that have humanistic impact and deliver prosperity.

Positive Practice is fuelled by a multi-disciplinary team of creative individuals. We bring our diverse backgrounds, experiences and learnings together and to collectively pursue the goal of making a positive impact on humanity.

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Our services

Positive Practice is your map to moving forward. We help you define your path and walk it with confidence. Our approach is collaborative and holistic, so you get the solution you are looking for. Broadly, our services can be defined in three service types; Health Care System Design, Product & Service Innovation, and Research & Education. If you want to see what this looks like in practice – take a look at our Case Studies.

Get inspired with us.

We love learning and are always exploring and discovering.

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Customer experience – are we there yet? Valuable insights from aged care mystery shoppers

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Dementia Friendly Communities – Part 1: Discover what they are and how we can see them come to life in our own backyard

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Join us on the journey.

Putting positive ideas into Positive Practice.

The more people who are informed, the greater the depth of understanding and compassion. The more people who share their ideas, the greater the potential is for change.

Together, we prosper with humanity.