Our Business

Co-founded by Michelle Guerin and Esther Westra in 2010, Positive Practice is a consulting agency, specialising in the health, community and aged care sectors. Our business is about transforming your business; establishing new, innovative solutions that have humanistic impact and deliver prosperity.

It’s hard to describe exactly how we work because every business is different, with unique challenges and goals. But what we can tell you is that our approach is collaborative and holistic. We look at the now from all perspectives, see the possibilities and move forward with you to grow your brand and reputation.

We are highly qualified, credentialled and experienced in the ways of community services, health and aged care – we understand the realities of business and the industry. We travel, immerse ourselves in new ideas and continually update our knowledge. It inspires innovation.

Positive Practice will bring a fresh attitude and outlook to your business. We are the change that your staff will embrace, your clients will welcome, and your business will benefit from.

Our People

Positive Practice is fuelled by a multi-disciplinary team of creative individuals. We bring our diverse backgrounds, experiences and learnings together with the goal of making a positive impact on humanity. Our team consists of a range of passionate professionals, with experience in Nursing & Allied Health, Graphic Design, Public Relations & Marketing, Accounting & Finance, and Business Administration.

Positive Practice is led by its two directors, Michelle Guerin & Esther Westra.

Dr Michelle Guerin

Physio (Hons), PhD

I have a curious nature, a thirst for knowledge, and a passion for uncovering the undiscovered; the life-changing, the better way, the innovative… I am a research nut, a highly-efficient problem solver and enthusiastic sharer of knowledge.

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Esther Westra

B.AppSc. (Occ. Therapy)

I am an empathetic ideas person who makes order out of chaos. I’m a listener, observer, analyser and logical thinker. I love innovation, and am passionate about people experiencing better health care.

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Our Values

Positive Practice is an organisation with a strong values-based culture. Our values are at the heart of everything we do, so for us it is important that they are explicitly defined.

As with everything we do at Positive Practice this list is a continuous work in progress

  1. Create Remarkable Experiences
  2. Excellence Everything – the best people, the information, the best products
  3. Serious About Impact – be outcome orientated and make it happen
  4. Dare to Dream – pursue new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world
  5. Be Passionate – love what you do and inspire others
  6. Show Courage, Pursue Growth, Be Adaptable
  7. Stand Together – supportive and caring of each other, both personally and professionally
  8. Act with Integrity – be trustworthy, honest and respectful

If you share these values and you are interested in becoming part of the team at Positive Practice, get in touch with us. Our business is shaped by our people so we generally don’t advertise for defined roles. We actively recruit all year round.

Join us on the journey.

Putting positive ideas into Positive Practice.

The more people who are informed, the greater the depth of understanding and compassion. The more people who share their ideas, the greater the potential is for change.

Together, we prosper with humanity.